Quantum Max FaroArm® Series
The global standard in contact measurement arm technology

Sometimes a part or tool is so complex, you can’t use contact probes to capture all of its measurements. But lasers do the job with exceptional speed and accuracy. In these cases, leading manufacturers rely on FARO Quantum Max ScanArms, which combine the measurement capabilities of a Quantum Max FaroArm® portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with the non-contact functionality of a laser line probe. The Quantum Max also offers three LLPs that optimize accuracy, speed or a blend of both, depending on project need. Whichever LLP you choose, 3D ScanArms capture precise measurements in nearly any environment, from the factory floor to the field.

Measure Anywhere: Operators can perform precision 3D inspection wherever needed.

Ensure Consistency and Repeatability: Every operator gets the same results every time.

Optimize Operations: Precision measurement reduces scrap, rework and inspection bottlenecks.

Capture Production Data: Accurate data allows for reporting and trend analysis.

Improve Quality: Complex 3D inspections and automatic reports help users pinpoint defects.

Enhance Yield: Faster troubleshooting and root-cause analysis help increase overall yield.

Increase Throughput: Higher production rates and reduced downtime for verification mean greater throughput.

Accelerate Revenue Generation: You’ll bring products to market faster and reduce rework and downtime.

Keep Customers and End Users Happy: Delivering higher-quality products that can be used with confidence makes everyone happy and keeps customers loyal.

Make Informed Decisions: With the information at your team’s fingertips, they’ll be equipped to make smarter decisions faster and stay ahead of any problems.

Premium Accuracy and Performance: This flagship arm has set the industry performance bar high and brings measurement consistency to every working environment. Manufacturers rely on the QuantumS Max FaroArm to stay ahead of their competitors through better quality assurance and customer confidence.

Global Standard in Portable Metrology: This portable CMM is the standard for robust, reliable factory inspection. With an excellent price/performance ratio, the QuantumM Max FaroArm extends manufacturing performance through high-end quality inspection technology.

Great Performance with Greater Affordability: Reliable and cost-effective, this portable CMM gives manufacturers full confidence in their quality assurance processes and ensures high-quality production.

  • Multiple Working Volumes: Meet the needs of any application with working volumes of 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m and 4m.
  • Two Different Mounting Options: Enhance speed and accessibility with a kinematic mount that allows probes to be interchanged with seamless ease.
  • Internal Counterbalancing: Operate with a single hand and without fatigue.
  • Ergonomic Design: Transport, set up and operate FaroArms with ease and comfort.
  • Exclusive FARO Quantum Max 8-axis Integration: Quickly measure all sides of a part without repositioning.
  • Compliance: Meet rigorous ISO 10360-12 performance standards.
  • Universal Quick Mount: Set up a FaroArm wherever it’s needed.
  • Temperature and Overload Sensors: Ensure continuous, optimum performance.
  • Powerful Software Solutions: Easily integrate FaroArms and software.
  • Extended Battery Use Option: Operate without cables.
  • High-speed Wireless Operation: Connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • Rugged Design: Use FaroArms even in the most challenging measurement environments.