Tank Inspection & Calibration

Significant historic sites are globally dispersed and many people never get to see them in person. Future generations might not even have the chance unless conservationists preserve and protect the structures from deterioration.

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Volume Analysis

Volume surveys are surveys of bulk material, excavations, and landfill volumes. With 3D laser scanning, volume surveys of the scanned terrain can be conducted accurately and in very short time frames.

In the process of volume calculations, we clean out all the noise in the point cloud, thin out the points, and create reports for volume calculations based on internal/external layers

Deformation Analysis

Deformation surveys are the inspection, measurement, and tracking of alterations in the shape or dimensions of structures as a result of the stresses caused by a range of external elements.

In utilizing 3D laser scanning data, we can capture and analyze high-density information on the conditions of objects with fast and accurate techniques.

Scanning storage tanks allows us to create and compare cross-sections (Roundness) and check the verticality of shells using the scanned data as a reference.

Foundation Analysis

Foundation Analysis is creating the surface of the tank foundation to allow us to calculate the Actual Volume of the tank as well as checking the floor flatness using the scanned data as a reference.