peel 3.CAD

peel 3.CAD is your go-to fully integrated 3D scanning solution for all your reverse engineering needs. Extract all the information you need and send them right to your preferred CAD software.

You can't go anywhere without a good software

peel 3.CAD comes with peel.CAD: reverse engineering software tailored specifically for your 3D scanner. Prepare your scans to transform them into CAD files in your favourite CAD software. Take advantage of ultra-fast processing times that quickly optimize meshes and extract all the geometrical information you need for treatment in your CAD software.

New, simpler, design

Fewer clicks to save time during your 3D scanning process.

Easy to learn

With integrated help functions and an intuitive design, onboarding is kept to a minimum.

Turnkey reverse engineering solution

peel 3.CAD comes with integrated reverse engineering software for even more control