Significant historic sites are globally dispersed and many people never get to see them in person. Future generations might not even have the chance unless conservationists preserve and protect the structures from deterioration.

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FARO 3D scanners and software are ideal conservation technology solutions for historic preservation and digital documentation. FARO offers end-to-end workflows for all these so that any structure can be protected and restored — and so anyone can virtually tour it for educational purposes.

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The well-being of our society hinges on the health of our planet, and the threat of climate change puts both at risk. Recognizing this, Beratung is dedicated to achieving net-zero climate impact by 2030. In addition to serving clients and sharing valuable insights, we are committed to building a more sustainable and inclusive future. While we understand the challenges ahead, we believe in the collective effort required to make a meaningful difference. Together, we can and must do more to address the urgent global challenges we face.