MULTIPATH is FARO® Authorized Distributor
in Iraq and Jordan for 3 verticals.


Construction BIM

Public Safety

3D Manufacturing

Reliability and Performance

With high performance and reliability, you always reach your goals. We, as a Multipath company, offer all our works with high performance and full responsibility to provide a high degree of quality.


High quality

We, as a multipath company, offer the best and highest quality of 3D laser scanning services in Iraq and Jordan, using very advanced global technologies.

Modern Facility

Time effectiveness

We at Multipath offer 3D laser scanning services with the highest quality and using advanced technology in the shortest possible time.

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Our Service

We provide 3D laser scanning, inspecting, measuring and drawing 3D objects services by using FARO equipment. We are available in many fields like oil and gas, steel’s manufacturing, construction and building manufacturing, car manufacturing, manufacturing workshops, Archaeological and heritage places.

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We provide 3D laser scanning services for different fields like oil and gas, construction, different manufacturing, archaeological, and heritage places.


High-quality services in Iraq and Jordan

We provide the highest quality 3D laser scanning services in Iraq and Jordan by using FARO equipment.

About Our Company

MULTIPATH is one of the most distinguished companies in the field of business management for its professional and reliable techniques of managing systems. MULTIPATH is available in many fields like, Oil and Gas, Steel's Manufacturing, Construction and building, Car’s Manufacturing, Molding, and Manufacturing Workshops.

MULTIPATH is the official distributor partner of Faro in Iraq and Jordan. MULTIPATH uses FARO calibration equipment, which allows scanning, inspecting, measuring and drawing any 3D objects. MULTIPATH head office is located in Erbil, and has two branches in Iraq and Jordan. It has a qualified technical team all over Iraq and Jordan.


From the name Multipath means different or multi-working fields. Multipath Established in 2015 by Ahmed Jameel Alsamaraie in Iraq- Erbil. In 2016, With a successful study of Iraqi market needs, Multipath decided to take the official distributor of FARO company in Iraq and become opened Multipath inspection department. In 2017, Multipath become the official distributor partner of FARO equipment in IRAQ and JORDAN. Today, we are serving more than 50 companies in different fields all around IRAQ and JORDAN.

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How We Work

We offer different working scenarios to our clients and partners. We are selling equipment, renting equipment, and doing on-site services.

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