FARO® Trek 3D Laser Scanning Integration

Enables autonomous scanning with the Boston Dynamics Spot® Mobile Robot

In the past, the only way to use laser scanners for reality capture on a construction site was to assign a worker to the task. But today, you can send in the Boston Dynamics Spot Mobile Robot instead. Just walk Spot through the project once to record your scanning mission, and Spot can repeat it as needed for ongoing progress monitoring and quality checks. Spot works with any FARO FocusS Laser Scanner and relies on FARO Trek 3D Laser Scanning Integration to enable autonomous scanning.

Keep Teams Productive: Autonomous scanning allows you to free up workers to perform other, more valuable tasks.

Keep Owners, Developers and Tenants Informed: Accurate as-builts keep stakeholders updated on progress and provide quality assurance throughout the project.

Easily Compare Progressive Scans: A quick scan comparison lets you identify areas of progress at a glance.

Improve Construction Quality: Discrepancies between design models and as-built conditions are easy to identify and make corrections.

Ensure Proper Pay: Proof of progress ensures accurate payment for work completed.

Ensure Accuracy and Consistency: Capture data at the same location every time.

Autonomous Mobile Scanning Solution
Enabled by Trek, the Boston Dynamics Spot Mobile Robot autonomously navigates busy and dynamic job sites, capturing highly accurate point clouds. The workflow leverages Spot’s Autowalk tablet software to record a mission path around the jobsite, designate scan locations and replay the mission as needed. Trek avoids new obstacles without direct human control and enables a repeatable, automated workflow for capturing spatially linked datasets over time.

Complete Kit: Trek includes everything you need to equip Spot with a FARO FocusS Laser Scanner, including a physical mount and custom code for the Spot CORE.

Prepositioned Scans: Spot’s sensor metadata is used to accurately pre-position scans for an optimized cloud-to-cloud registration.

HDR Photo Overlay: With the Focus HDR functionality, challenging lighting situations will never subtract users’ scan results. Predefined HDR profiles increase the picture quality recorded in very bright or dark environments.

Accuracy and Range: FARO Focus Laser Scanners provide the highest accuracy and ranges (up to 350m) by using a combination of the most advanced sensor technologies.

User-Defined Coordinate System: Easily align scan to project coordinates.