Properly aligned machines… consistent parts

Misalignments can lead to machine downtime and significantly decrease machine performance; however, portable CMMs such as laser trackers and measuring arms can help to mitigate these issues.


Accuracy and consistency

The FARO® Laser Tracker is ideal for many tasks such as machine tool alignment, roller and press alignment, jig and fixture alignment, or CMM alignment. Machines that are out of tolerance produce defective parts and are subject to failure. This accurate and fast method reduces downtime, improves quality, and generates a proper trend analysis of distortion and other changes in a machine’s operation.


Produce consistent parts

For smaller-scale tasks, such as on-machine alignment, portable CMMs, such as the FaroArm are an ideal solution to complement the laser tracker work.

Application Video: Alignment

Alignment can be accomplished easily by measuring with the FARO Laser Tracker. The Laser Tracker improves quality and generates a trend analysis of distortion and other changes in a machine’s operation.

For all your Factory Metrology needs


FARO Laser Tracker

Advanced, accurate, versatile and portable laser trackers

The FARO Vantage Laser Trackers are extremely accurate, large-scale portable coordinate measuring machines that enable you to build products, optimize processes, and deliver solutions by measuring quickly, simply, and precisely. The VantageS6 and VantageE6 with the 6Probe are the industry’s most cost-effective 6DoF solutions offering complete, comprehensive, fully-featured, and easy-to-use 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) Laser Tracker solutions that meet the dynamic measurement and accuracy requirements of the most challenging applications. FARO Laser Trackers set the standard in workflow productivity management for large-scale metrology applications by offering ease of use, exceptional portability, battery operation, ruggedness, and high accuracy.

  • VantageS & VantageS6 : 160m (525 ft) spherical working volume

  • VantageE & VantageE6 : 70m (230 ft) spherical working volume

  • ActiveSeekTM feature finds and follows target even when you pass behind obstructions

  • 6DoF via 6Probe enables measurement of hidden and hard-to-reach areas



The Global Standard for Arm Technology

The FaroArm is an innovative portable coordinate measuring machine that allows manufacturers easy verification of product quality by performing 3D inspections, dimensional analysis, CAD comparison, tool certifications, and more. The Quantum line of FaroArms including the world’s only 8-Axis portable metrology arm solution, extends FARO’s tradition of maximum unsurpassed measurement accuracy, consistency, and reliability in every working environment.

  • First measuring Arm to be certified against the new and rigorous ISO Standard 10360-12

  • 8-Axis FaroArm enables part to be rotated in real-time for unmatched measuring speed and user-friendliness

  • Innovative design with excellent ergonomics and IEC tested for performance and reliability

  • FARO kinematic smart probes for quick probe replacement without the need to recalibrate



Measure, Analyze and Improve

FARO® CAM2® Software is a powerful, intuitive, and application-focused 3D measurement platform, designed to help users fulfill their quality assurance and inspection tasks efficiently. It delivers the perfect alignment with your FARO hardware.

  • Guided Workflows – easily step through even the more complex inspection routines

  • Universal CAD Import – direct imports of all major CAD file formats free of charge

  • Reporting – generate and share customized, and easy-to-understand inspection reports

  • RPM (Repeat Part Management) – managed repeat inspection with the live trend and SPC analysis


FARO CAM2® SmartInspect

The first portable measurement software

FARO CAM2 SmartInspect is the perfect software for any FARO Laser Tracker, Arm, and Gage users who are looking for non-CAD based inspection. It can run on Microsoft Windows™ based mobile devices, making it the first portable metrology software.

  • Live, On-Screen 3D View of Measurements – Live graphical view for interactive measurement

  • On-Screen Dimensioning – Users can interact directly with the graphical view

  • Touch-Capable Use – The software runs on Microsoft Windows™ based PCs or Touchpads

  • Mobile Device – Move the device during the measurement process and measure from different positions


BuildIT Metrology

Increase your manufacturing efficiency

BuildIT delivers the industry’s leading 3D software solution for alignment, inspection, and build applications in large-volume metrology as well as configurable in-process metrology.

  • Highly configurable and flexible – Streamline your workflows and processes

  • Advanced automation capabilities through a user-friendly interface with no coding required

  • Powerful GD&T Analysis capabilities for full model-based workflows

  • Hardware Agnostic Interface – Fully compatible with 3rd-party measurement devices